About our bakery

We are an independent, family owned company founded in 2018. We strive to produce high quality, fresh breads and pastries for our retail and wholesale customers. We source products from local businesses when possible and we believe in giving back to our community through donations and interaction.

La Brioche serves some of the best sandwiches, salads, and soups in town. Artisan Breads, scratch-made pastries, cakes and desserts as well as great breakfast selections are available 6 days a week.

Our approach

We bake a wide variety of breads daily. Specializing in traditional French breads, we form our breads by hand and use as little yeast as possible in order to let our breads rise slowly allowing them to develop complex flavors.

Our amazing staff creates croissants, danish, éclairs, brownies, pie & more and bakes them fresh every day.  We are heading to that, too! Breakfast & lunch are served in our cafes.

Grab a cup of coffee or espresso drink to go with your fresh baked goods.

Send your detailing your availability or stop by the location to pick up an application.